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Zhuzhou New Times Conveyer Machinery Co., Ltd. is Chinese leading complete  solution provider of stock preparation section in pulping, papermaking and wood-based panel industry. which specialized in supplying log debarking chipping system, wood chip screening storage system, pulp waste paper conveying handle system, finished board storage system and  all kinds of materials conveying storage system depends on strong capability of design and manufacturing. With fifteen years experience accumulated in the industry, our company supply technical proposal, fabrication, installation, commissioning and resident plant maintenance throughout the year of equipments and electronic control system according to different needs of clients.

In the international markets, Our company has supplied complete products and services for APP Group in Indonesia, SCG Group in Thailand, ANDRITZ Group in Austria, Marubeni corporation in Japan, Siempelkamp Group in Germany, Labor hero paper plant in Belarus, An hoa paper plant in Vietnam, Yeni pulp plant in Burma, TNPL Group in India, MST Particleboard factory in Iran, Kronospan Group in Hungary etc. We devote ourselves in expand the international market, supply better quality product and service for the customers.

In domestic market, our company have close cooperation with Chenming Group ,Huatai Group,Sun Group,Leeman Group, Tiger Group,Hengan Group,Darepanel Group,Kaiyue Group,Ningfeng Group, Fenglin Group, Furen Group,Huqian Group,BMLwood Group etc. our company establish a long-term, good, widely cooperation relation.

The company is located in Zhuzhou high tech Development Zone, Hunan Province, nearby Beijing-Guangzhou expressway and Shanghai-Kunming expressway , the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient. The company always adhere to the "unity, innovation, excellence," the entrepreneurial spirit, committed to become a international the technical service of suppliers and solutions provider, with our high quality products and quality service to create more value for customers.

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